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Life & Corporate Coaching
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Who I am, What I Have Done, What I’ve Learned

Who I am, What I Have Done, What I’ve Learned

Experiences and Education

University Degree in Education

It gave me passion for teaching and confirmation that no matter what it is, you can learn it. The key is to start from your own experiences and knowledge.

Family Clinic

I’ve learnedt (learnt is also correct but you used learned later so I made them all the same to keep it uniform) to listen when I was only ready to speaktalk.  I haved been showned the way of acceptance and silence, the only one that allows you to lead with your heart.

Master in NLP

I learned that there are hundreds of different ways to read the same experience. Especially whenas we are ready to open up and accept these differences can we will find many more solutions and strategies.


The Enneagram is a model, an experience that has shown me how we move and change along the lines of our personal profiles. It also taught me the very high risk of an incorrect use of certain instruments. Moreover I’ve learnedt that putting a label on something and not being able to take it off  is much more serious severe than not knowing the model.


I learned that there are no inadequate people if they are driven by the motivation to change. To achieve efficiency, the energy of each one has to be measured, channelled, directed and coached according to their potential.

HBDI (Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument)

The scientific model of the brain dominances that provides a different interpretation of ourthe attitudes and preferences that we express. I learned that by recognizing the different profiles we’d be able to find the right methodtune to relate to others and we will be more effective in dealing with them. Moreover it allows us to improve our attitudes and overcome our limits.

Working for various consulting firms has allowed me to get in touch with teams of different corporate cultures and different approaches and methodologies.

I myself have been subject to many changes (5 cities and 7 removals (not sure what removals means here, moves?  Changing jobs?) in 16 years) I did discover that the culture does not have a single colour, has indeed infinite nuances and I learned that the more we expand our perception and vision the more possibilities and choices we’ll be able to see.



Alessandra Bitelli graduated with honours in Education at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, where she trained as a Consultant and Educator.She participated in the foundation and development of a Family clinic doing activities such as coordinating training, updating and managing working groups dealing with the organization of specific courses also offered to the population and educational counselling in the context of parent-child and parent-school relationships.

Later she moved to Milan, where she graduated Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and collaborated as a freelancer with Head Hunters and Human Resources companies with particular regard to the field of Effective Communication, Leadership and Human Resource Management. Alessandra also participated in Assessment Center projects for business, Team Building and Outdoor Training.

She then moved to London for three years where she collaborated with the International School of London in the planning and teaching of “Transition Seminars” aimed at supporting the difficulties of adaptation in different cultures and managing a Labour team on this issue.

Back in Italy, she became certified at the Italian School of Life & Corporate Coaching and begins to integrate the activities of Coaching Education with both professional and private fields.

Over the years dedicated to Consulting, Training and Coaching in Italy and the United Kingdom, she developed and deepened the themes of the communicative processes by studying how these issues affect and intervene in interpersonal relationships at various levels and in different cultures.

She later moved to Madrid where she expanded the topics of coaching and training, especially focusing on the aspect of change in difficult situations and well-being in personal and professional areas. She also developed a Team Coaching model on the basis of the studies done so far.

Back in Italy, in Padua, after three years, she founded Coach4Change and creates “The 4 steps Model” on which she bases her approach for training and coaching.