Coach4Change di Alessandra Bitelli


Those who learned something act differently from those who have not learned it.

For us, Training is a sort of TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAINING, which means it is aimed to produce a real CHANGE in behaviour and in all the actions that flow from it.

What distinguishes our approach is the 4 steps model:

  1. Develop Awareness of your need to change
  2. Learn by using tools to translate changes into learned actions
  3. Create a Habit by testing and performing each learned action
  4. Repeat and assimilate each new habit into an Aptitude

The 4 steps are closely related to each other and binding. Each of them cannot, in fact, exist without the one preceding it.

Any behaviour is observable and therefore can be modified through the study and its analysis.

Our commitment, during a training activity, is to guide the participants through this process, to accompany them on the journey from awareness to conquering a different behaviour, in a better way and more effectively.

Workshops and Seminars

The courses are carefully crafted to meet customer requirements, providing different models and referring to the areas of intervention.

Each part is flexible according to the audience and the time available and is changeable according to the needs of deepening. (? I’m not sure what you mean by “deepening” here)

All the topics are supported by practical exercises. Theory and practice are intertwined and always exchangeable with the aim of developing knowledge, but also, and especially, awareness and ability to handle situations related to the issues covered.